War Games Bundle

War Games

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Shall we play a game?

Join us for some serious, hands-on cybersecurity fun. At War Games by SecureSet, engage in active defense, offense and analysis. War Games provides a preview of curriculum topics covered in the SecureSet Academy. 

Enjoy 25% savings when you purchase all 10 sessions in advance! This bundle includes War Games Kick-off, Intro to Strategy & GRC, Applied Cryptography 1, Applied Cryptography 2, Network Security 1: ARP Poisoning, Network Security 2: Network Hijacking, Network Security 3: DDOS and Countermeasures, Systems Security 1: Linux Security, Systems Security 2: Windows Security, and War Games: Capture the Flag. 

Local food and beverage for each event is included with registration. 

War Games by SecureSet

Planning to attend the whole series of games? Buy the whole bundle for 25% savings!

Session 1: War Games Kick-off

Session 2: Intro to Strategy & GRC

Session 3: Applied Cryptography 1

Session 4: Applied Cryptography 2

Session 5: Network Security 1—ARP Poisoning

Session 6: Network Security 2—Network Hijacking

Session 7: Network Security 3—DDOS and Countermeasures

Session 8: Systems Security 1—Linux Security

Session 9: Systems Security 2—Windows Security

Session 10: War Games—Capture the Flag


Denver Campus
2228 Blake St #100
Denver, CO 80205

DC Campus

1101 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22209

Tampa Campus
1915 N Avenida Republica de Cuba
Tampa, FL 33605

Denver Campus
Nov 5—Dec 17, 2018

DC Campus
Oct 29—Dec 4, 2018
6:00PM–9:00 PM

Tampa Campus
Oct 30—Dec 14, 2018
6:00PM–9:00 PM

What do I need to bring?

Any basic laptop and a power cord.

What do I need to know?

While a basic familiarity with computers and/or programming is helpful, it is not required in order to enjoy these events. Beginners are welcome!

What is included?

Local food and beverage included with registration.