Strategy & Analysis


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This course will cover a wide range of topics consisting of psychology of analysis, criminal psychology, threat intelligence and much more. The purpose of this course to help students gain an appreciation of what it means to be a security professional and conduct threat intelligence and other analysis.

No application is required for individual courses and course bundles. Course readiness is to be determined by the student based upon information provided in the course descriptions on this site. Academy instructors are available to discuss your readiness and provide feedback; however, final course readiness decisions are the responsibility of the student.

The following prerequisites should help to you to determine your readiness for this course:

  • 1-3 years of supervisory experience preferred
  • Basic knowledge of planning and/or 
  • Basic knowledge of intelligence analysis

Session Schedule

April 4, 2017 Denver TH/S
August 1, 2017 CO Springs TH/S
January 15, 2018 Denver W/S

Daily Schedule

Course Duration 9 Weeks
Course Time One Evening; 5:30P–8:30P
Optional Labs Saturdays; 9:00A–5:00P